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How do we ensure the elderly and those with Alzheimer’s or dementia remain independent, safe and connected to friends and family?

We all lead busy lives and with families often dispersed widely across the country, caring from a distance is a growing challenge. Caring from a distance can mean anything from living in the same town but a 30 minute drive away or living at the other end of the country.

This has one main problem – not being close enough to be able to respond quickly, often and without too much disruption to your daily life. Trying to fit in visits, or provide daily support is not easy when you’re trying to go to work, ferrying the kids around or simply just trying to find 5 minutes for yourself.

This can be emotionally and physically draining. We want to care as best we can but it can be difficult to feel like we do enough, visit enough, call enough.

There must be an easier way?

Could part of the answer be in the use of technology? ‘Gadgets’ will never replace the caring touch of a real person, but they can complement caring by providing an extra layer of protection around the cared for person and in doing so enable you and them to feel greater peace of mind.

Gadgets such as fall alarms, non-movement alarms, GPS locators and door sensors will give you an early warning if something’s up. No news is good news as they say. You can go about your day, reassured that you will be notified if something is wrong.

No more panicky visits because Mum hasn’t answered the phone – you can see on your phone app that she’s up and about, so it’s just a case of turning the ringer volume up next time you visit. No more worrying that Dad’s gone out after dark again – you haven’t received a text to say the front door’s been opened after 9pm, so you know he’s probably safe and sound at home. And no more struggling to get Mum to learn how to use that new mobile, simplified pre-programmed mobiles have made staying in touch easy.

Amano - Own Fone dementia cover

Technology alleviates your worry and helps keep your loved one safe. So if you care for a friend or family member and need a little help, try some ‘easy to use gadgets’ and see what a difference they can make.amano connect blue band

Our new 24/7 Monitored Telecare Service also makes sure that day or night, help is at hand at the touch of a button. Trained Telecarers answer calls around the clock and arrange the most appropriate help – that might be calling family and asking them to attend, or arranging the emergency services. No call goes unanswered.

Amano Connect are based in Tavistock and are members of the Telecare Services Association and Plymouth Council’s ‘Support with Confidence’ scheme.

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