Animal Glass Designs

Animal Glass Designs is a UK business based in Exeter, Devon and run by the artist Annabel Potter creating unique and bespoke gifts for animal and nature lovers.

Specialising in pet portraits, nature and wildlife glass paintings on glassware including wine glasses, bowls, candle holders and vases, the business was inspired by my cats and wanting a functional keepsake! I also create original and quirky designs from my glass paintings on cards and coasters plus a large range of merchandise available to order on Zazzle from bags to clothes, kitchenware and device cases (see website for Zazzle shop link).

mixed zazzle collection

I draw sketches on paper first before directly painting on the glass using nontoxic glass paint. The paintings are done in stages over a few days, as the paint has to dry before adding more detail. Once completed l sign the glassware and the paintings are heat set so they can be hand washed (glasses are dishwasher proof on a gentle setting).

All hand painted items are original works of art, so no two will be identical and commissions are welcome. For pet portraits I work from a photograph. Often described as beautiful my artwork is in local shops including Spangles on Exeter Quay, a Moorland themed collection in Widecombe in the Moor National Trust gallery and all over the world thanks to the internet!





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