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Boost Torbay a local marketing company with local business as its heart

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Boost TorbayWe recently asked one of our featured accounts what is Boost Torbay? Or rather what does Boost Torbay mean to them? The response was, what can be seen above, a local marketing company with local business at its heart and that pretty much sums us up to a point.

However, let me go into a bit more detail about Boost Torbay, what it is, where it started and where we are going today. Boost Torbay started life as a simple hash tag on twitter in 2012, we still have our grass roots there and we still RT local businesses their news and events.

Boost Torbay is indeed a marketing company, we promote business via our blog, social media and any other avenues that we can think of. Boost Torbay is also behind a couple of interesting community projects including the Torbay Discount Card and its sister the Torbay Youth Discount Card.

Torbay Discount Card

The overall concept behind the two schemes was to boost the local towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham with shoppers and give the small independent businesses greater footfall. The Torbay Discount Card is already in circulation and has over 150 small businesses on throughout Torbay. Its sister card is being launched as a joint collaborative effort between the Torbay Youth Parliament and Boost Torbay.

Boost Torbay has ran several markets in Torquay, and was responsible for the implementation of the Torbay Family Christmas Market on the 11th traders attend the event and encouraged shoppers to come and buy from independent retailers that wouldn’t normally get the chance to trade in the town centre.

Boost Torbay is indeed a marketing agency, however, we also have strong ties to the community and regularly help out in the area.

Now, in 2015, Boost Torbay boasts near on 4,000 followers on Twitter and has a growing social media fan base as well as a great number of visitors to its website.

You can find out more information about Boost Torbay by visiting their website at If you’re looking for details on the Torbay Discount Card check this out here

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