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What we do

Based in Plymouth, Capes Health Professionals provide support and solutions to business’ to improve employee health and wellbeing, working with companies to develop a bespoke strategy designed to integrate a culture of health into the workplace.

We enable business’ to support their staff in adopting a healthier lifestyle both inside and outside of the workplace, which ultimately saves companies money by:

– Increasing productivity and performance

– Improving staff engagement and morale

– Reducing sickness absence

– Increasing staff retention

– Reducing accidents and injuries

– Integrating healthy lifestyle choices into the company culture

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Capes Health Professionals also works with a network of approximately 100 health professionals in Plymouth and a further 50 in Exeter with a range of skills, expertise and experience, helping local people and businesses connect with the right person to help them with all aspects of their health, fitness, rehabilitation and therapeutic needs.

Capes Health Professionals - Plymouth

About Capes Health Professionals

Capes Health Professionals enables people to access and get in touch with the right health professional to help them with their health, fitness, rehabilitation, and therapeutic needs.

We look at health as a multifaceted concept and place equal importance on the physical, psychological and social aspects and how these can impact your wellbeing.

The name Capes originated as an acronym of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Exercise Professionals & Sports therapy. However, we now collaborate with a range of professions including Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Massage Therapy and more to provide an eclectic and holistic perspective to health and wellbeing.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise people’s awareness of the beneficial impact different professions can have on their overall health. We want to encourage people to engage with each aspect of their health and make it easier for people to find and access trusted, qualified health professionals in order to lead healthier, more balanced lifestyles.

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Who we are Ryan Buckle BSc Health, Exercise & Physical Activity Capes was created by Ryan Buckle in 2013 after he was involved in a serious motorbike accident which left him with a broken leg and complicated back problems. He spent many months trying to locate a health professional who could help him on his road to recovery, often getting referred to the wrong people. Ryan’s experience highlighted the problem in the system: people who are looking for a health professional often don’t know where to find the treatment or help they need. Whilst studying for a BSc (Hons) in Health, Exercise and Physical Activity and achieving a first class honors, Ryan also undertook several business courses with a view to starting Capes. Ryan also qualified as a Level 3 Personal trainer and GP Exercise referral instructor. Alice Thatcher BSc Health, Exercise & Physical Activity Alice has a strong sporting background and was involved in competitive gymnastics for 12years; many of which were at national level. After she retired she qualified as a level 3 Gymnastics coach from which she has accumulated 8 years experience. Alice also went on to study for a BSc honors in Health, Exercise and Physical Activity, achieving a first class honors degree. During this time Alice also qualified as a Level 3 personal trainer, GP Exercise referral instructor and Level 1 Strength and Conditioning coach and gained valuable experience within exercise referral and rehabilitation.
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