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Devon Farms was set up in 1989 by a group of like-minded farmers who knew that we had something special to offer visitors to the South West. We wanted to promote not only our own holiday accommodation but also our way of life, environment and Devon as a whole to a wider audience.

Devon Farms is a co-operative which means that it is run, promoted and managed entirely by the farm owners to ensure its integrity. There have been many changes in farming over these years, but the warm personal welcome and hospitality that is extended to you when you arrive on a Devon Farm certainly hasn’t!

The criteria of becoming a member of Devon Farms, is that you must be a working farm and your accommodation must be formally inspected by either Visit England of the AA. This ensures that all the farms we have in our catalogue are of a high quality for their guests.

Each of our farm owners has an enormous passion for their farms and a wealth of information on the region. Each farm is completely different and that is what is so special about our group. Some of our farms are larger cattle farms whereas others have tiny smallholdings, but what each farm has in common is that they offer their visitors a unique and authentic experience. We can all provide the best ideas for what to do when visiting to make sure that your stay is a memorable one. When you speak to our farm owners you will learn so much about the area – events that are going on and traditions that have run for years. You will have access to the best locally sourced food and drink, as well as where the best walks or beaches are.

Whatever you are looking for, our range of properties has something to suit everyone. From large country estates steeped in history, to recently converted barns and stables, and traditional working farms where you can see the farmer going about his daily life. Some of our farms give you the option of collecting eggs and feeding lambs while in others you have the chance to see lambs, calves or pigs being born!

Our farms span the whole of Devon, so whether you would prefer a coastal break or a rural one you will be able to find something to suit you. We are all so excited to share with you our homes and our livelihoods and hope you will be able to visit us soon!

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