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The App for Devon is the newest offering provided by Westward Marketing Ltd. to promote tourism, awareness about towns/ villages, events, and attractions in the glorious county of Devon, UK. What’s most brilliant about the App is the all-inclusive nature of its listings. Today tourists and locals source information about Devon’s travel needs from a variety of sources. For instance, a family planning a trip on Devon’s east coast might visit a tourism website like The English Riviera’s for details about Torquay’s family-friendly attractions. Then, they might visit for details on local B&B’s. Finally, they would need to search specific websites for relevant beach tide information and dog-friendly options. The App for Devon assimilates all such information under one smartphone application. Better yet: It’s a FREE smartphone application!


The App for Devon prides itself in being super user friendly. Once downloaded, information on the App is saved to the user’s smartphone. This means that if the user is without mobile service– say, on while walking Dartmoor– they are capable of searching the app’s information (which may come in handy when that same user is under Dartmoor’s notoriously robust rain clouds with no inns in-sight). We think the best element of the app is it’s “Near Me” function. “Near Me” allows the user to employ GPS to search listings relevant to their current location. Find yourself needing a coffee after a long day on Paignton pier? Use “Near Me” then “Café’s” to find nearby spots. In fact, “Near Me” helps in less leisurely circumstances, too. The “Local Services” section shows police stations, post offices, and emergency numbers.
Because the App serves such a useful role in the lives of travellers and locals alike, it’s a fantastic advertising opportunity for Devon’s businesses. The App’s 2015/2016 goals are more downloads and follows by organically proving to users and advertisers how very valuable it is. Advertising on the App is therefore a mutually beneficial endeavour: New advertisers offer the App something to promote and an untapped potential download market. Advertisers benefit from the App’s strong social media presence, industry partnerships, and high usage ratings. Therefore, advertising on the App is priced extremely affordably. For less than £20/ month Premium users load their company details to the App including social media links, pictures, and vouchers. Events hosted by advertisers are listed on their pages and the “What’s On” section, further inciting visitors to participate. All Premium members enjoy promotional Tweets/ Facebook posts and support like “Follows” and direct comments/ retweets.
The App for Devon is irresistibly appealing to locals, visitors, and advertisers. It’s the smartest thing that’s happened to travel in Devon since the Dawlish Rail Line. Download and peruse the free app then find us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know what you think!

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