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Digital Forms and Automation for Personal Trainers

Digital Forms & Automation - Personal Trainer - Devon pixels

I have recently completed another project that has significantly helped reduce admin time by digitising forms and automating a process that was previously updated manually. 

This particular project was for a personal trainer. The Personal Trainer was writing notes in his notebook before visiting his clients. During the session, he would jot down timings, reps and other notes relevant to the session. Once the session was over and the PT returned home, he would need to type up his notes and put them in a branded document to send to his client. 

This process was taking up a lot of time, and the PT needed to find a way to reduce the time spent on these tasks whilst still providing his clients with valuable information about their sessions.  

This is where my digital forms come into play :) 

The session details are pre-filled by the trainer in an easy-to-follow form. During the session, the reps, timing and additional information are recorded into the forms and then saved. 

Once the personal trainer has finished the session, he can review his form, make any adjustments needed, and then submit the form. Upon submission, the form data is captured onto the PT’s database, and a branded PDF is created and sent to the client automatically. 

The personal trainer saves around 20-30 minutes per session by using the digital form and automation process. With an average of three sessions a day, about 1.5 hours are saved. That’s around 7.5 hours a week.