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DropCap-logoFor a lot of people, when I first mention that I’m a copywriter, they instantly think of ‘copyrighting’ – the legal service of protecting someone else’s work. When I correct them, the next question is always “Oh? What’s that?”.

At DropCap Creative Copywriting, put simply, I write words. Doesn’t sound too hard, I hear you say, but my job is to tap into each clients’ product or service and create a way of writing those words so they engage and persuade the reader, tell them why they are better than the rest and ultimately give a call to action that results in more sales, clicks or visits.

Based in Newton Abbot, my aim is to provide Devon businesses with the right words they need. Many people aren’t sure which way they want to proceed, so I can offer dedicated time to find out exactly what your requirements are and how best to achieve them, whether for brochures, leaflets & flyers, adverts or sometimes something you might want to shout about, in which case I can prepare a press release for the local media. Or maybe you need a blog or regular email newsletters to send out?

If you are looking to create a website or, just update the site you already have, then I can write copy that is rich in keywords and links, perfect for SEO (search engine optimisation), to help you rise up the Google search rankings. Google prefers – and can tell – when web text has been written by an actual person in a natural way and, as a result, will look favourably on sites that engage in good SEO copy.

After a pre-agreed timescale, I’ll provide you with a final draft of your project text which you can then take away and read. Because I want you to be totally happy with what you are paying for, there are no shocks or additional charges when additions, deletions or amendments need to be made, because this is reflected in the initial quoted price. Once we’re done, I can provide your copy in whatever format you need.

If you want to know more about what Drop Cap Creative Copywriting is all about or want to discuss an upcoming project that you need words for, head over to: www.dropcapcopy.com or email: [email protected] In the meantime, take a look, follow and like @dropcapcopy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

I’ll look forward to hearing from you and writing for you!

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PRINT COPYWRITING: Brochures // Leaflets & Flyers // Adverts
PRESS COPYWRITING: Press releases // PR // Articles
WEB COPYWRITING: Website copy & SEO // Blogs // Social Media
ASSISTANCE: Help, advice and your questions answered

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Having started in the print industry over 25 years ago, Graeme Piper moved into Desk Top Publishing (as it was known then!) and then graphic design. In 2000, he was running his own design & print business in Exeter. He currently works in a busy Marketing department for an Exeter based company and writes as DropCap Creative Copywriting on a freelance basis. Visit www.dropcapcopy.com.
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