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At Last, Grammarly for Android and iPhones is here!

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Grammarly for Android and iPhone – My Review

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Grammarly has come up with a tool for smartphones with their new Grammarly keyboard, available for both iPhone and Android. I have been trying this out on my Samsung S7 tonight, check out the results in the video.


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a web-based tool that corrects grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. You can use Grammarly by going to their website or using their Chrome extension.

I am an avid user of the Grammarly Chrome extension because the tool works within text fields such as when you are writing a Facebook post, a WordPress blog post, an Email and so on. Grammary has helped massively in placing commas in the correct places, helping with my common spelling mistakes and correcting a lot of my bad grammar, and what is even more amazing, I am getting this service on their free account. By upgrading to a paid account, I could make my emails and posts even better, but for now, the free account is more than adequate for my use.


For me, what has been missing is a Grammarly (or similar) tool for smartphones. I have tried other apps and keyboards for both iPhone and Android, but none have lived up to what I have been looking for, that is, until now! (Big smiles).

Tonight I received an email from Grammarly informing me that their new keyboard for Androids and iPhones is now available (I was actually searching for Grammarly on the Play Store last night, how random is that!). I thought I would give it a go, as I have been impatiently waiting for this for a long time now. To be honest, my expectation was not very high as I have used some pretty dire apps in the past looking for similar services. To my surprise, I was completely blown away by what Grammarly have come up with.

Here are my top 5 ‘loves’ for the Grammarly Android Keyboard so far…

  1. It’s a keyboard, not an app! Now, this is a huge deal because it means it works directly with my Emails, Facebook, Messages and all other apps that you write within. There is no need to write out your text/post in one app, check for errors, then copy and paste it into an email or facebook post. This is a huge time saver!!
  2. Auto-correction is working better than any other keyboard I have used so far on Android. My favourite keyboard up until now has been GBoard, but the Grammarly Android Keyboard might just be the replacement for me.
  3. Toolbar suggestions – suggestions stay-put in the toolbar ready for you to tap. What I like is when you tap to correct a spelling or piece of grammar that needs changing several words back, it doesn’t move your cursor back, which means you can just continue typing away after making those changes with a single tap.
  4. Big clear keyboard – the Grammarly keyboard is nice and clear and big enough not to miss too many keys whilst typing.
  5. Quick access to Emoji’s and voice typing – the Grammarly keyboard has quick access buttons to Emoji’s and a microphone for voice typing, all features I use regularly with my Gboard, so I am glad to see those functions still there.

Here are my top ‘disappointments’ for the Grammarly Android Keyboard…

  1. No swipe texting – for about 6-months I have been using the swipe feature available on Gboard. This is where you can swipe between letters to create words. The concept sounds ridiculous, but it has greatly sped up my writing ability on my phone. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on the Grammarly keyboard (at the time of writing).
  2. No gif keyboard – I am not a huge user of gif keyboards, but it does have its uses for the messages that you want to add a bit of humour too. It is not something that would make me stop using Grammarly on my Android, but it would be nice to see the feature introduced in the future.

That is everything for my review of the Grammarly keyboard for both Androids and iPhone. I would love to hear what you think of the Grammarly keyboard in the comments below.

If you are looking to download the keyboard you can get the Grammarly Android Keyboard here and the Grammarly iPhone Keyboard here