Green Printing for Ashley House Printing Company

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At Ashley House, we have been striving to make our business as eco­friendly as it could possibly be.
We are a Forest Stewardship Council certified eco­friendly printer, and we are a part of their scheme to ensure the future of the world’s forests, and make printing as green as possible, by planting four trees for every tree cut down. We also manage our business responsibly and in compliance with environmental regulations, legislation and approved professional codes of practice.

We are proud that Ashley House is an ISO 14001 certified printer. We operate a strict recycling policy and use only card and paper sourced from environmentally friendly sustainable forests. All our waste plates and chemistry material are collected and removed by certified disposal agents. We are also buying all of our energy from renewable sources, meaning that using Ashley House really does help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Ashley House achieves cost-effective results while minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. We ensure all our services meet the needs of our clients at all times, in line with agreed budgetary constraints and stated policies and procedures.
Our Quality Management System has earned us an ISO 9001: 2000 certificate. We are continually working hard ensuring our quality management system remains outstanding, and our customers’ needs and expectations are exceeded.
Ashley House is affiliated with the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture scheme, winner of the Green IT Awards ‘Best Carbon Scheme’. We reduce our company’s carbon footprint by contributing to tree planting and new woodlands in the UK. As a corporate partner in the scheme, we purchase at least 60 tonnes of carbon captures paper every year; one tonne of paper purchased equates to 14m²of new woodland planted and half a tonne of CO2 captured.

The Woodland Trust completes many projects across the UK, including a recent collaboration with the Woodland Trust and the National Trust at Fingle Woods, where they have created 45km of new footpaths, and helped repair damage caused by maturing conifer.

If you would like to find out more about the work we have undertaken, or talk about how working with Ashley House can improve your own green credentials, please call us on 01392 20 23 20, or see our website at

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