Jet-Washable Van Lining and Truck Bed Lining available in North Devon

LINE-X Bedlining Barnstaple

LINE-X spray-on van-liners and bed-lining is available in North Devon.

The Jet-washable LINE-X lining is applied at their application centre in Barnstaple which serves as the lining for different items needing superior protection including van lining, truck bed lining, light industrial coating and much more.

Their services are offered across North Devon including Barnstaple, Bideford Great Torrington and South Molten.

Their different applications include:

Spray-on Van-liner

It provides water-proof coating in the interior of the load area and also protects it from corrosion, rust and scratches. There are different options from which you can select where exactly to apply; such as are-1) floor only, 2) floor and half sides 3)floor, full sides and interior roof.

LINE-X Van Lining in Barnstaple

Spray-on Bed-liner or Load-liner

It can be used to line the load area of a truck or other carriages. The two options for truck bed lining are over the rail and under the rail. It also provides protection against wear and tear due to heavy loads.

LINE-X Bedlining Barnstaple

Agricultural Coatings for Quad’s, Gators and Farming Equipment

It is used to protect the agricultural machinery and tools required. LINE-X can be applied to the load area, machinery, metal, fiberglass, pipes and much more.

LINE-X Protected tractor_arch

4×4 Accessory Coating

LINE-X protects various parts of the 4×4 . like door sills, side steps, side area and bonnet from corrosion, rust, dings etc. LINE-X is much more durable than traditional coatings and will not crack, split or warp.

LINE-X Protection on mitsubishi_shogan

Land Rover Load Space Lining and Accessory Coating

It covers the door sills, side steps, bonnets, bull bars and other accessories making the protected areas highly durable and easy to clean.

LINE-X Protection on mitsubishi_shogan_in_LINE-X

Jeep Coating

Want to cover the various parts of your jeep with LINE-X? LINE-X jet-washable cover will allow you to easily clean your jeep after those muddy 4×4 sessions.

LINE-X Jeep_frontside

Coating for side-steps

Worried about worn-out side steps? Cover them with LINE-X and completely change their outlook!


Speaker Coating

Speaker Cabinets and Amplifiers are made more durable by using LINE-X

line-x speaker

Marine Coating

Options for marine coating are also there for covering gunwale, boat deck and cabin roof

LINE-X is a strong, resilient and scratch-proof spray applied coating touch dry within seconds. The airtight and water-tight seal makes it corrosion-free. Standard black is mostly used for accessory and truck bed lining whilst grey is primarily used for van lining. Apart from that, there are different colour variants a available.


So, to give your new vehicle proper protection or to transform your old vehicle into a new one, cover it with LINE-X coatings. You can enquire a out LINE-X Coatings online or over phone on 01271 344000, or you can go to their place directly which is on the Roundswell Business Park, Barnstaple. The directions are provided in the site.

You can also ask information and follow LINE-X North Devon on Twitter – @LINEXNorthDevon

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