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Wedding Photos by Keeley

Although not being a business as such, photography is a huge passion of mine in which I want to expand my skill base and share the high quality results I strive to achieve every time.

Photos by Keeley 3

My aim is to continue to produce quality photographs and eventually take my photography to the next level where I can enter into a career with these skills. As a budding photographer I love to experiment with various types of photography and therefore enjoy trying out many ideas and getting stuck into anything that comes my way.

My main undertakings have included studio sessions, events, portraits (both individual and groups) and I have also helped photograph at a couple of weddings. All of my past clients have been extremely satisfied with the results of my work and some have gone on to repeat bookings, especially with the recent introduction of my new studio kit.

At events I very much like to take a backseat and capture people enjoying themselves without making them feel uncomfortable at the thought of a camera being pushed on them; people are often unaware that I am taking their photo at all! I find by doing this I capture natural and non-posed images that create powerful memories and evoke strong emotions.


I am always searching for ideas and although I may not make as big of an impact as some great photographers of the time, I believe I am able to capture unique images that can be cherished forever. The wishes of each individual client are very important to me; I believe that client satisfaction is the key to my success and therefore I aim to make each session as personal to them as possible.

About Keeley Allin:

Born and bred in Great Torrington, I am a true Devonshire girl and I love nothing more than celebrating where I live with events such as our annual May Fair. An ex-student at Petroc, studying A-Levels including Photography, my creativity grew all throughout school with college really igniting my passion for photography even further. I took a real swerve towards advertising and focused mainly on the stereotypes of mental health, a cause close to my heart.

Im a bubbly person who gets just as excited seeing photographs as the people I have taken them for do. Please get in touch, I’d love to hear what you think and perhaps help you organise a shoot of your own!




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