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Prestige is a young, innovative consultancy, ready to challenge the norm across the corporate cost management sector. Prestige work with small-medium enterprises across the UK, to provide and manage their long term corporate utility strategies across core expenditure of energy, telecommunications and IT. All at no direct cost as we are paid directly via our supply chains.
Our emphasis is very much based upon risk management, rather than ‘cheap price’. Our role is to ensure you not only have the most suitable and cost effective strategy in place for now, but also the future, as your company grows and evolves.

By utilising a trusted consultant, you can truly enhance your corporate utility strategy. Enabling your business to take full advantage of invaluable, ‘on pulse’ industry expertise that most companies just can not have internally.
Typically we work closely with Operations, Procurement, IT and Telecoms Directors, as an added member of your management team, without the extra wage!
The review process is simple, at no cost or obligation and a considerably valuable exercise to complete. This will illustrate both what you have in place contractually and strategically at present, as well as our proposed recommendations moving forwards. It is then completely up to you whether you choose to go with our recommendations or not. If you do, you will then benefit from industry experts managing your corporate utility strategy for the future and at no extra cost!

Follow Prestige Business Solutions Clare:
I am from North Devon originally and now live between Exeter and London. Mum of an ever bossy 8 year old daughter, Partner to my Fiance of nearly 11 years (yet to take the plunge..!), owner of a cute miniture daschund all whilst trying to grow Prestige into the market leader of corporate utility cost management! I am extremely ambitious and driven and am always open to opportunities of collaboration or other.

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  1. Clare O’Brien
    | Reply

    Now mum to our nearly 12 year old and 2yr old daughters! Living in London and prestige is well established as the market leader in energy consultancy to the hospitality sector!
    Our miniature daschund is still very cute, even if a few years older!!!

    • Devon Pixels
      | Reply

      Wow Clare, isn’t scary how fast time flies by!!
      Good luck with your future plans!

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