Sarah Cox, Paper Artist

Sarah Cox

I make unique papier mache creations by recycling all sorts of trash into something more beautiful.

The sea is my main inspiration whether I’m making a local mackerel or an exotic fish. I also make gulls, turtles, cows, whales, birds, sharks, octopus, props for shops and pubs, signs….the list is endless, if it’s possible to make it, I will! I can make any size papier mache fish from tiny pieces at only 5″ right up to a metre long, but being made from paper, even massive pieces are incredibly lightweight. As well as sculptural pieces I also make papier mache panels of shoals of fish, when I use For Sale signs instead of canvases, that I am given by a local estate agent, saving more plastic going to landfill. All my pieces are painted with acrylics and varnished and are bright and cheerful.

About Sarah Cox:

Ever since being a child growing up in Bedfordshire, I hankered to live by the sea and finally made it a few years back, via a few years living in Bristol, where I went to Art College.

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Find me on Instagram too http://Instagram/sarahcoxartist

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