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sober companion

Addiction is a lonely illness, we sit alone, we think and we slip. Addiction is stigmatised so we sit alone, we think and we relapse. Addiction is seen as weakness or a choice so we sit in meetings, hide away and suffer. Addiction isn’t a choice, it’s an illness. We can choose to be heard and to live, we will get sober and well and we will make a difference, we should be proud of being sober and clean, we should all stand up and claim our lives back, we can do this, we can win! Join us, be part of a community, create a connection.

Sober Companion was started to help individuals and families through addiction with our free online chat room, and coming soon, video support and counselling. If you’re struggling, if you feel alone, if your loved one is experiencing difficulties login to our chat room, find someone to talk to, know that you are not alone. I want to help you, I want to help you or the person you love or your family or the person you know! I want to create an environment for those who are suffering, a connection, I want to draw us all together, to create a support network where we can pool our knowledge and experiences to help each other! If I don’t have the answer perhaps someone else in our chat room will have the answer. Let’s make the isolation stop, let’s create a community, a connection, let’s break out of the stigma!

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Sober Companion is a new idea and needs as much support as possible from the general public, media and of course, individuals who have suffered through addiction, visit our site today, spread the word and please help me create a connection today!


About the author Adam:

Hi, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Adam, a recovering alcoholic! I served in the Military for several years as a younger man! I’ve been successful and homeless! When I look back to see where I’ve come from it makes me both happy, proud, sad, elated and all the other emotions we all feel so deeply but now I have a new goal, to help others, and it’s a goal I will achieve. Please drop me a line to or use the contact form on my new website which I’m quite proud of ?.



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