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Which Device do you use for Twitter? The Results are in!

During last Wednesday’s (21st October 2015) #DevonHour on Twitter we asked Devon based Twitter users;

“Which device do you use on Twitter?”

First let me explain ‘Why do I feel this is an important question to ask?’

When you research anything to do with social media a majority of statistics are from America. This is all well and good, but really we need to know more information about potential customers around us. For me I am much more interested in local Businesses in and around Devon, so knowing what devices local businesses are using helps me plan my marketing efforts, for instance if I am going to run a social media campaign it is important for me to know how end users will see my content so I can then plan how to target my content.

So back to the results.

My main question is ‘What Device do you use for Twitter?’
The responses were as follows;

Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer Results.
Which Device Do You Use For Twitter? Tablet Types Results

The Results were interesting, 42% were Smart Phone users, 24% were Tablet Users whilst 22% were Computer users and 12% were Laptop users.

If we look at this in terms of mobile vs computers we can see 66% used Twitter on their mobile devices whilst 34% were using twitter on Computer based devices.

This proves that mobile technology is proving to have a big impact upon our social engagement, which in return will have a huge impact upon mobile web browsing.

If we dig a little deeper into the stat’s we can start to look at which mobile platform Devon users are opting for.

Smart Phone Platform Results.Which Device Do You Use For Twitter? Smart Phone Types Results

58.82% of smartphone users stated they used iPhone, whilst 11.76% stated they used Android. Although this could strongly suggest the majority of Devon mobile Twitter users are using iPhone’s for their social media engagement 29.41% of smartphone users did not state which device they were using. That said combining the unspecified and Android results together (41.17%) the total is still 17.65% below those who specified using iPhone, so I can be confident that the iPhone is a strong contender within my target market.

Tablet Platform Results.

Which Device Do You Use For Twitter? Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer Results

If we look at the Twitter engagement from Tablet users there is unfortunately a split divide between those stating they are using an iPad to those not specifying which they tablet they where using. 40% stated using the iPad for their Twitter engagement whilst another 40% did not indicate which tablet device they were using.  This kind of makes the results hard to quantify, especially with both Android and Microsoft Surface users both reaching a total of 10%. These results really make me intrigued which devices are being used by the 40% who didn’t specify.


I hope this article helps you think about how your target market are using Twitter. My initial question during #DevonHour was not intended to make this article or to gather responses. It was done out of curiosity, but with so many people responding I felt it was well worth diving into the results. I will continue to investigate local interaction on Twitter, but will think more about what precise questions to ask to see if I can cut down on ‘unspecified’ results :)