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Wild Stories Productions

Wild Stories Productions, led by writer Clive Essame, creates innovative theatre inspired by the sounds and sights of the African bush. Currently there are two plays available: Impisi and Mbali. Both scripts use the characters of African wild animals to bring important issues to life. Created to be performed with minimum props and costume, both Impisi and Mbali can be staged by actors of any age, different numbers of actors and in venues as simple as school play grounds or in a full theatre. A mixture of drama, comedy and satisfying endings make both of these plays ideal for schools, colleges, amateur and professional companies that want original plays with a message. The plays help us learn about how people who could be considered ‘different’ react and respond to the world. Workshops and story time for schools can be booked with writer Clive.

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Clive Essame has lived with a physical impairment since birth. He has worked with people who are disadvantaged for one reason or another for many years and has been a professional writer and workshop leader since the early 1990s. He worked with South African actor and writer Ellis Pearson to create Impisi; and Devon based writer Judith Maitland on Mbali.

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