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Being a chandler is far from straightforward! My soy and beeswax candles are rigorously tested for safety and to ensure they have the best wick to give a full melt pool and to avoid tunnelling (when candles don’t burn to the outside of the container). Different sized wicks are needed according to the diameter of the container, wax used and % of fragrance added and testing can take weeks or sometimes months! Last year new E.U regulations came into force regarding the labelling of scented candles and legally now safety data sheets must be prepared for every aroma along with the appropriate new label warnings.

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All the beeswax used is sourced from dedicated Devon beekeepers. This is collected in its natural state and needs to go through a filtering process first. The worst of the dirt that has settled on the bottom is scraped off after pouring boiling water over it. Then with a hammer and chisel, broken up and added to a double boiler so no direct heat reaches the wax. Once the beeswax has been gently melted it is poured through a cheesecloth into a container and left to cool and set. After a few days it is ready to be used for making candles.

Carousel of beeswax filtering stages: 

The wicks used in Beespoke of Devon’s candles are all cotton and linen however an alternative wood wick is used in the ‘Aroma Crackle’ range which comes in three fragrances (Cinnamon and Orange, Geranium and lemongrass and lavender and Orange) and produces a quiet crackle sound when lit, very relaxing!

The elaborate soy pillar candles include a domed arch and spiral pyramid and look stunning when they grace the table for special occasions including the top table at a wedding or lit up beside the wedding cake. A variety of pastel colours are available or the wax can be left in its natural creamy colour.

A range of aromatherapy cosmetics for men and women were launched in 2015. All have been submitted and passed an EU Cosmetic Safety Assessment and the creams are MIT and parabens free. The appropriate essential oils are blended for each variation; Foot Care, Nourishing, Dry/Sensitive, Warming and Hand and Nail. For example the Foot Care cream contains peppermint, lavender and tea tree which produces a cooling and antibacterial effect, perfect for spoiling and caring for an extremely hardworking part of our bodies! Not forgetting the men in our lives a product range was created to include an After Shave Cooling cream and Moisturiser for Men alongside beard conditioning oil and shaving oil with two variations for each. They come in an aluminium container with an atomiser and are a blend of base oils (grapeseed and jojoba) and essential oils, tried and tested on friends and family!

But it doesn’t end there. Gift sets and further styles of candles and waxes are on the list of ‘product development’ so watch this space!

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Article Written by Jo Heath – Beespoke of Devon

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