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FREE Halloween Social Graphics!!

With the excitement of Halloween looming, I have gone and done something crazy! 

I have generated 80+ Pixar-styled Halloween graphics! and do you know what is even more crazy? I am going to let you use any of these images for your Halloween social posts!

Feel free to use the images as is or adapt them in a design tool such as Canva.

I have created some industry-specific graphics and some more general.

These are all completely new and FREE for you to use on social media.

When you click an image, you will be directed to my PCloud folder, where you can easily download the image/s of your choosing.

Have fun, and have a great Halloween.

Halloween Industry Specific Social Graphics

Office Worker:

Delivery Driver / Removals:

Nail Technician:


Eyebrow Technician:



Halloween Background Social Graphics



Vampire & Bats


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