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BooksByPete: Digitally Hand Drawn Pet, Person, and Venue Illustrations

BooksByPete - Honiton based Illustrator

BooksByPete is a digital illustration service specialising in creating custom, digitally hand-drawn illustrations of pets, people, and venues. Located online and in Honiton, Devon, BooksByPete creates unique and personalised illustrations that can be used for various purposes, from special occasions to unique gifts.

Digitally Hand-Drawn Pet Illustrations

BooksByPete creates custom pet illustrations using a variety of digital techniques. Each illustration is unique and digitally hand-drawn, down to each individual hair, with no computer-generated images or filters used. To create an illustration, Pete works closely with clients to understand their pet’s personality and unique features, which he then incorporates into the illustration.

BooksByPete can create illustrations of any type of pet, from cats and dogs to horses and birds. Each illustration can be created in various styles, from realistic renderings to more whimsical or stylised designs.

Digitally Hand-Drawn Person Illustrations

BooksByPete also creates custom illustrations of people. Whether it’s a portrait of a family member or a friend, BooksByPete can create a unique illustration that captures the essence of the person. Each illustration is digitally hand-drawn and personalised to the individual’s unique features and personality.

BooksByPete can create illustrations of any type of person, from children to adults, and in a variety of styles, from realistic renderings to more stylised or cartoon-like designs.

Digitally Hand-Drawn Venue Illustrations

In addition to pet and person illustrations, BooksByPete also creates custom venue illustrations. These illustrations are digitally hand-drawn and personalised to capture the unique features and character of the venue.

BooksByPete can create illustrations of any type of venue, from homes and offices to event spaces and landmarks. Each illustration can be created in a range of styles, from realistic renderings to more stylised or artistic designs.

Photo Requirements

To create a custom illustration, Pete will request photos of the subject. By working closely with clients to understand their preferences and vision for the illustration, Pete can create a unique and personalised illustration that truly captures the subject’s essence.

Benefits of BooksByPete

The benefits of working with BooksByPete include:

  • Custom, digitally hand-drawn illustrations that are truly one-of-a-kind.
  • A range of styles to choose from to match your preferences and vision.
  • Personalised attention and collaboration to ensure your illustration is just as you envisioned.
  • A unique and memorable gift or keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.


Q. How long does it take to receive a custom illustration from BooksByPete?


The time frame for receiving a custom illustration can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the current workload. A full-colour single person or pet portrait will take approximately 2 weeks for a physical copy (1 week to complete and 1 for professional printing), and 1 week for just a digital version.

Q. Can BooksByPete create illustrations for commercial use?

Answer: Yes, BooksByPete can create custom illustrations for commercial use such as branding and marketing.

Q. What is the pricing for custom illustrations?

Answer:  The pricing for custom illustrations varies depending on the project’s complexity.

   Generally, digital copies are: 

   £10 for a single pet – sketch style, head and 1/2 body only

   £30 for a single pet/ person – full-colour head only

   £35 for a single pet/person – head and 1/2 body

   £40 for a single pet/person – full-colour head and full body

   A4 physical copy – add £10 to the order. 

  Customers can contact BooksByPete with their project details and requirements to get a quote. 

Q. What types of files do customers receive after the project is completed?

Answer: BooksByPete provides customers with digital files of their illustrations in various formats, such as JPEG and PNG. Physical copies can also be purchased, which are professionally printed. The standard size is A4, but other sizes are available upon request – additional fees may be incurred.

Q. What payment methods does BooksByPete accept?

Answer: BooksByPete accepts payment through PayPal and bank transfer.

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