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We are TV producers with a thirst for making great creative video content and TV programmes. With decades of experience in top end production, storytelling and creative thinking is our passion. Whatever you are trying to achieve with your films, be it TV advertising, programme making, or on-line video content, we have the people and experience to help you realise your projects potential. By making sure that we work with the best and most experienced TV production staff, from producer directors, to crew and editors, we know that our products have the skills behind them to ensure that they achieve the targets that they are set.


Our Services Include:

  • Concept design, pre-production, shooting, editing, and distribution
  • Shooting and editing
  • Tailor your video project creation

View our YouTube Channel to view some of our creative work

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Luke Lovell is a video content producer and video marketing consultant. As well as producing TV programmes for most major channels both in the UK and abroad, credits include Bear Gylls Mission survive, DIY SOS and more, Luke is the creative director of Reflected eye media which also makes online video content marketing and TV commercials. Facebook: Twitter: @Reflectedeye Google: YouTube: Web:

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