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Golden coast window cleaning North Devon

Devon is a beautiful place in which to live and work and I feel privileged to be able to spend my days travelling between numerous stunning rural and coastal locations, helping the people that live, work and play here to enjoy them a little bit more.

Golden coast window cleaning Snowdon

I clean windows, actually not just windows, I clean any glass, gutters, fascias, conservatory roofs, decking, patios and house roofs. It’s hard work but the people I meet and the surroundings I work in, make it an enjoyable job.

Golden coast window cleaning North Devon

At Gold Coast I have three important values, they are to be reliable, to have as small an impact as possible on our environment and to carry out my work to as high a standard as possible. I try to always be punctual, prompt, polite and professional, working to accommodate my customer’s needs and time frames.

I use harvested rainwater for around 90% of my cleaning. This is fully filtered, cleaned and de-ionised to ensure absolute purity
when it’s used. This means I can reduce my usage of tap water, keep costs down for my customers and clean windows with a clear conscience should Devon ever suffer a hose pipe ban.

Clean windows not only improve your view of our stunning environment, they let more light in to your home or place of work. I am positive that the brighter, cleaner outlook will improve your day! Why not give Gold Coast a call and “Let the light back in”.

About the Author David:

My name is David Bowen, I have been window cleaning for just over twelve years, I also spent much of that time working as a Firefighter in Hampshire, although I am originally from North Devon and very happy to be back living in the place that feels like home. When I’m not working I love to spend time out and about, travelling, walking the coast or scrambling up distant mountains. I enjoy wildlife photography and reading but most of all I love to spend time with my wife, our nine year old son and our four dogs, two cats and three hens. Contact details [email protected] or t:07704070287. Gold Coast is based in Barnstaple but I cover all of North Devon.

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