Newmakers design and manufacture children’s ride-on toys and furniture



Newmakers design and manufacture children’s ride-on toys and furniture. We are based near Totnes and are proud that all our products are both designed and made in Devon. The products are characterised by their contemporary style, use of high quality materials, compact flat-pack construction and timeless design.

The first creation was our zebra rocker which was voted highlight product at the London Design Festival and in the 2013 Italian A’Design Awards won gold. We like to think of the zebra rocker as the modern, op-art alternative to the classic rocking horse!

Zebra Rocker

Since then we have created a tiger and panda rocker and last year expanded the range to include three rollers. Ride-on toys need to be hardwearing which is why high-grade beech plywood and solid beech timber is used. The wood comes from plantations within Europe and adheres to EU environmental and sustainable forestry regulations. All our products have been independently tested to ensure they meet with safety standards.



The Newmakers furniture range includes The Crate Cabinet and The Cloud Chalkboard Table with Stools which were launched last autumn.

Living close to the sea was the inspiration behind the design of the crate cabinet; driftwood, beach cabins, sailing boats. A length of thick sailor’s rope was incorporated to make the handle! The cabinet has been designed with versatility in mind. A perfect sized wardrobe for a young person when the hanging rail is installed or when removed to make way for shelves, it can be used for storing toys, books, games and then, later in life, in the office for files!

The Cloud Chalkboard Table and stools is again a contemporary take on a timeless classic. The table has no straight edges, so no sharp corners for toddlers to hurt themselves on and there is a useful food safe silicon bowl to store the chalk.

Needless to say, there are many new designs waiting in the wings and we hope a few new creations will be coming off the production line by the end of the year!

Follow Newmakers Daniel Cox:

Owner of Newmakers

Daniel Cox is Newmakers founder and designer. An experienced product designer he previously worked as a consultant designer and educator for twenty-five years in the US, EU and Asia. During that time he worked for various blue-chip companies and received numerous international design awards. In 2000, while helping to set up a graduate product design programme at the King Mongkuts University of Technology in Bangkok, he developed an interest in local craft production combined with modern design and industrial processes. Dan set up Newmakers in 2008 when he was in living in Chang Mai in Northern Thailand. The company started life making high quality furniture using unusual native woods like coconut, acacia and offcuts from the sawmills with local artisans. Dan became totally committed to using sustainable and ethical work practices and has carried on with this ethos back home in Devon.

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  1. Carol Blanton
    | Reply

    I’m really impressed by the beautiful wooden toys made by Newmakers, in particular the rocking zebra. I’d like to know how to buy one for my grandson who lives in London, but have had no success looking online. How do I contact Newmakers and, hopefully, purchase a zebra or another lovely woodden toy?

    Many thanks.
    Carol Blanton

    • Devon Pixels
      | Reply

      Hi Carol, I will try to find out this information for you as I see their website is currently not working.
      As soon as I find out more I will reply to this thread.

      Kind Regards,
      Darren, Devon Pixels

    • Devon Pixels
      | Reply

      Hi Carol, I am afraid to say that newmakers are no longer trading, so the rocking zebras and other toys are no longer available.

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