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Read Successfully is a small business that aims to improve reading in a fun and enjoyable way. We have created games, called ‘trugs,’ which stands for Teach Reading Using Games. The games have been professionally structured using phonics, numbered in stages making it easy to follow and progress. The card games are simple in nature but highly effective due to the light-hearted competitive element. In essence, one keeps playing because they want to win! But whilst wanting to win, another effect is taking place… the learner is continually practising and reinforcing their learning.

Trugs - Read Successfully

Trugs has been sold in over 50 countries, has been translated into 2 other languages and has distributors in 5 different countries. The success has been widespread and the feedback tremendous. We continually receive high praise through our testimonials and as a result are always looking to expand our products due to our loyal customer base.

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We now have reading games particularly suitable for EAL and EFL since the games have a vocabulary based element. We have also developed games that improve fluency, with the idea being that students taking exams will need to read at a certain speed. And, excitingly, we are in the process of writing trugs reading books – reading books set at specific phonic levels, so whatever phonics a child is learning, there will be a book that helps develop this!

Exciting times ahead for Read Successfully and trugs and so we hope that you enjoy and get great use from trugs!

About Jonna Jeffery, MBE

Joanna Jeffery, MBE, has over 30 years’ experience teaching, working specifically with SEN & dyslexic children. This then led to Joanna completing a Master’s in Education. Joanna has always had a huge passion for helping others, which was shown through her teaching and then specialising in dyslexia. However, it wasn’t until much later into her career that she really saw what her path was to be..! The aim was simple: Help as many children in the World learn to read. How could she do this? It had to be through games – children (and adults!) learn best when they are having fun. She has been hugely successful in her mission so far, picking up an MBE in 2012 from the Queen.

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