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The App For Devon Tutorial/Review

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Full Video Transcript:

Emily from App for Devon got in touch with me recently about writing a blog post on Devon Pixels about the app for Devon. I hadn’t heard of the app before so I thought I would check it out, and it’s fantastic! I just want to quickly run through this app with you to show you what it’s about and how it can benefit you.


Once you have opened the app you will see a range of categories including attractions, Activities, Eat and Drink, Pubs and Clubs and Shopping and Accomendation.

For this tutorial just say I wanted to find somewhere to eat, I would tap the Eat & Drink category


You then have some some sub categories to choice from, so I fancy a snack and a soft drink so I will select Cafe, Pubs & Takeaways


You will now see a list of of Cafes, pubs and takeaways featured on the app for Devon. So I am in Barnstaple, I’m not going to travel to far for my snack so I need to find a place close to me, so I tap search on the top right of the screen.


From here I can select here, Town or all, so I will tap Town and tap Barnstaple then tap done.

You will now notice the list has changed to all the Cafe, pubs and takeaways within 10 miles of my selected town.

So now you can scan through your local cafes, pubs and takeaways. When you see one that takes your fancy give it a tap


you will now see a picture of the Bell Inn with the opening times, contact details and social media links, some of the other profiles have a description. From here you can call the company by tapping the number or tapping the telephone icon, email the company using the envelope icon, open the location of the company by tapping the map icon, select www to open the companies website or of course use the social media links to go to their social media sites.

This functionality works for all the different categories from attractions to Accommodation, but there is also some other functions in the app such as What’s on, Local Services, Near Me, Favorites and About Devon.

I will quickly cover Favorites as it is a really good feature. If I tap Favorites, go to All you will currently see Trout Inn and Fever Night Club. These are businesses I have favored. You can favour businesses by tapping the heart icon, as you can see I now it (The Trout Inn) turned off favorites (flick between Main Favorites screen and All) so now I only have Fever Night Club (in my Favorites).

So if you wanted to add a businesses to your Favorites you can literally find the business you want to add, so I will tap Food and Drink, All, Select one at random (for the purpose of this tutorial) and tap the greyed-out heart which now turns blue.
So if I return to the start of the App, tap Favorites, All, you will see (the business) is now (available) in my Favorites, so I can keep in my pocket a list of businesses or cafes or pubs that I would like to some point go too.

I could go on for hours about the different sections of the app, but what I suggest you do is to download it yourself and give it a go. It’s FREE! I have placed the link to the app in the video and description and in the blog post.

If you are a Devon business you would defiantly benefit from signing up to the app to allow users to find you within a few taps. I have also linked to the App for Devon website where you can find out about signing up your Devon based business.

I hope you enjoyed the quick tutorial, you now need to go download the App for Devon.

Download for Apple on the App Store

Download for Android on the Play Store

To sign up your Devon Business on the App for Devon