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There is no doubt that Devon is an incredible place for gardens. With areas of harsh open moorland, through rolling countryside and down to characterful seaside, the interesting blend of climates and conditions has blessed Devon with some wonderful gardens. The magnificence of the garden at Knightshayes Court, the personal character of Marwood Hill, the show-piece RHS garden at Rosemoor and the exotic oasis at Coleton Fishacre; Devon has it all. If, and I really mean ‘if’, you get weary of Devon’s iconic gardens you have Cornwall to explore to the west, and Somerset and Dorset to the east, all with their own characters. If you like exploring the very best of British gardening then Devon is the place to be.

Pen and Trowel

But what if you want to make your own iconic garden? You might have the space, but knowing where to start and how to look after your own piece of Devonshire heaven can be daunting, and that’s where I come in. Based in Launceston, just on the west Devon border, I’m a planstman, gardener and horticultural consultant. I have a real passion for gardening, as well as the gardens of the South West, and I’m the perfect person to look after your garden. I’m happy to care for your plants and keep them at their best, as well as doing all the other jobs that you’d expect your gardener to do. Although I’m not a designer I can help with the planning and development of your garden to make sure that you get the very best from it. As I’m a plantsman (someone with a particular interest in the plants that make up the garden) I can happily advise on the best plants to give you the garden that you really want, even recommending plants that are a little more unusual and that will give your garden its own unique look.

Pen and Trowel

I also offer a consultancy service to help keep larger gardens on track- contact me via my website for more information and to see if I’m the right person for you.

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I started Pen and Trowel when I left my former employer, a prominent nursery in Cornwall, where I had been a plant expert for 10 years. With a diverse interest in gardening and plants I've built up a substantial knowledge, and I love to put what I know into practice. As well as actually doing the gardening I love to write about gardens and plants, and I'm also very keen on garden and plant photography. You might say I'm obsessed, but I'd just say that I love what I do!

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