The Lucky Sixpence

The Lucky Sixpence

The Lucky Sixpence specialises in a bespoke hair accessory and jewellery making service which allows brides to wear unique pieces tailored to the look of their wedding, budget and style. I can incorporate their own pieces of cherished family jewellery or source vintage or non-vintage items for the design. I know the smallest detail can be the most important so consult brides at every stage of design and making.

Consultations are free and I will meet brides at a venue of their choosing. For the brides who are not so sure what to go for I take inspiration from there dress, the overall styling of the big day and what is important to them about their wedding (I have received photos of patterns on shoes before and managed to incorporate it!). During the consultation brides can try on our range of ready to buy items and narrow down what they would like to the smallest detail like the finish on the crystals or diamantes. During the meeting I would create sketches and then go away, find materials, create possible lay outs and send photos of components. Once a final design and components have been chosen I would then start constructing their unique piece!

For the brides who know what sort of thing they they would like I am more than happy to receive photos and work from there. Then the bespoke service is fairly similar – I will source the materials to make it and send photos of options and of work in progress so that they are fully involved in how the finished piece looks.

Our bespoke service is not just limited to brides – The Lucky Sixpence can create pieces for the rest of the bridal party meaning there is a coordinated look and bridesmaid’s hair accessories will complement the bride’s. I also create accessories for people attending special occasions e.g. Black tie functions or the races.

We also have a range of accessories which are available to buy via our site. These are all handmade and one-off designs using original vintage pieces. We have a range of styles and designs from boho to Hollywood glamour, soft and romantic to classical designs. From vintage brooches to antique necklaces we work the old with the new to create beautiful jewellery and headpieces for every occasion.

About The Lucky Sixpence:

I have been interested in making jewellery from a young age and started off with simple beading. But I guess The Lucky Sixpence first started when I was getting married and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I bought a 1920’s belt buckle and worked from there. Friends and acquaintances then asked me to make pieces for them and so I kept making. I loved it so much I decided to keep going and then my husband built a website. A few wedding fairs later and working with some fabulous suppliers I have had some amazing opportunities to be involved in wonderful photoshoots and creating some truly unique pieces for clients. I still get such a buzz out of seeing people wearing something I have created – it’s such a complement on something that is so personal. I put my heart and soul into each piece.


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