Countryside Funerals

Countryside Funerals

Specialists in Natural Burial and Bespoke Funerals

I started Countryside Funerals in 2012 with the intention of making the process of funeral-arranging a little less formal, and little more personal and flexible. Our ethos has always been to ensure that every funeral we conduct is tailored to reflect the life of each individual, along with the wishes of their families and friends.

Bespoke arrangements

Funerals don’t have to be elaborate (or unnecessarily expensive) to be meaningful in the way that they celebrate someone’s life and give the opportunity to say goodbye. We can guide you through the options from traditional church services to non-religious ceremonies. Where families are keen to take a more pro-active role in arranging and indeed, carrying out the funeral themselves, we are also happy to provide just individual aspects of our services.

Bespoke funerals - Countryside Funerals
Bespoke funerals – Countryside Funerals

Natural Burial

Natural Burial is an attractive alternative to cremation or interment in traditional cemeteries and churchyards. For some, this may be principally an environmentally-friendly option. For many however, it merely presents a more natural and relaxed approach than having to submit to set time-slots at crematoria, or the rigid formality of some local cemeteries and churchyards.

In and around Devon we are fortunate to have a wide choice of beautiful and well-run Natural and Woodland Burial Grounds. We have also helped families to organise burials on their own land.

Natural Burial Ground Countryside Funerals
Natural Burial Ground Countryside Funerals


Most natural burial sites request, quite reasonably, that coffins are fully biodegrable. As a genuinely independent business, we are not tied to specific suppliers. We can arrange options from plain cardboard to felt shrouds, or handmade Somerset Willow. There are lots of options shown on our website and social media pages, so if there is something more specific that you would like to order, we’ll do all we can to help accommodate your wishes, and to advise you on costs accordingly.

Willow Coffin - Countryside Funerals
Willow Coffin – Countryside Funerals

Transparency and affordability

Run by anti poverty charity Quaker Social Action, The Fair Funerals Campaign is a practical project to tackle the growing problem of Funeral Poverty. We are pleased to support this initiative and to have signed The Fair Funerals Pledge. In doing so we pledge to:

  • Recognise that funerals can be expensive and many people struggle with the cost.
  • Make our most affordable funeral packages visible to the public, including third-party costs.
  • Charge clear prices for goods and services so people know what they’re buying. Communicate prices in initial conversations and prominently display full price lists.

Our very simplest, low-cost options for Direct Cremation and Natural Burial are offered via our dedicated website with package prices at just £1,495 including cremation or burial fees (terms & conditions apply).

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