Love or Fear – A book that will change your world

‘You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf’ – this is how I feel about my life. After falling off a few times, I have finally learned how to ride the surf of life and, by doing so, am now creating the life I dream of. I still have the occasional ‘wobble’ but when this happens, I climb back on to that board and continue with my journey

Having had many highs throughout my life, it was only after hitting some incredible lows such as losing close friends and family, divorce, a near death experience and a huge financial loss that I began my journey to discover why. Having found my answer, I developed a simple method for surfing life’s waves. I’ve called this method Binary Selective Thinking (BST) and I would love to share this with you in the hope that it will help you on your own life journey.

BST - Binary Selective Thinking
BST – Binary Selective Thinking

As with any skill in life, whether this relates to your ability to surf, play golf, deliver clear presentations, be a good parent or partner – if something’s not working it’s a good idea to go back to basics. This means ensuring you are starting from the best place – is your stance or swing correct, are you delivering the correct information, are your emotions strong? You should also be able to picture the result you want to achieve. This isn’t easy if you have never been shown the best place to start or if you were taught by an unqualified instructor or someone with poor parenting or emotional skills. If this is the case it is likely you will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

My book Love or Fear explains the concept of BST and provides a new best starting place for anything you want to improve in your life. It’s a totally new, simple and unique way to think, which will provide you with the tools to create the life you dream of.

Love or Fear - Create the Life You Want
Love or Fear – Create the Life You Want

I have shared BST with people ranging from 15 to 85 years of age and the feedback they have given is that it has provided them with a refreshing, positive and helpful way to think and the tools to change their lives.

Having successfully published Love or Fear (available via or Amazon), I am now planning BST seminars and workshops to introduce BST and provide you with the tools to create the life you dream of – whether this relates to your health, relationships, business, or any other aspect of your life you are unhappy with.

For more information please contact me at This website will also invite you to try out our quiz to assess your level of response ability and you can download a free chapter from my book Love or Fear.

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