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My name is Darren Lapthorn N.A.F.D (dip) and I am an Area Manager with Walter C Parson Funeral Directors which incorporates Hugh Mills & Gaye Funeral Directors in Newton Abbot and Torquay and Pidgen & Son, Torpoint and Pengelly Funeral Service in Saltash.

I enjoy spending my spare time with my daughter and my family, we have a holiday home at Challaborough bay and my daughter and I enjoy spending as much time as possible there.

Darren and Daughter

I look after our latest branch which we opened in March 2015 after an extensive refurbishment project and that is Walter C Parson, Decimus, 206 Topsham Road, Exeter I also have been looking after Hugh Mills & Gaye Funeral Directors in King Street, Newton Abbot and 147 Babbacombe Road, Torquay since July 2009.

What I like so much about WCP is we are still family run concern but because we have grown as a company so much by buying other family run business, we are still able to offer all of our clients a personal service yet have the tools of a large business. All of the staff I work with our passionate about caring for both the deceased and their families.
As you will see from our website, we quote

“if it is not good enough for our family then it is not good enough for yours.”

I personally think that says it all.

WCP have looked after a number of my family funerals both before and after I started to work for them. The care and service we have had has always been first class, we have always been made to feel cared for.
People have occasionally said to me, it’s just a job, you must get fed up with it. My response is always, the day it becomes just a job is the day I will leave.
Arranging a funeral is the most final thing you can do for a person and there is nothing more satisfying when you have a thank you once the funeral is over. I have received countless cards and gifts over the years and have kept everyone of them. I have gained many friends over the years of arranging and directing funerals . I must admit I am not always good with names but always remember a face.
Over the years of arranging and directing funerals one thing has become apparent and that is how beneficial a Pre Paid Plan is.

There is no medical required for any of our plans, there is no age restrictions and no matter how well or how poorly you are, they are open to all.

When I sit down with a family who’s loved one has bought a plan the difficult and sensitive decisions have been made for them.

Such as:

  • Is it Burial or Cremation?
  • Will there be a church service or a service at the cemetery or crematorium?
  • Religious or non religious service?
  • Will we have flowers?
  • What charity will we have donations for?
  • Should it be a simple coffin or something more elaborate?
  • What music shall we have?

These are just some of the questions loved ones worry about at the time of a bereavement and most of all there is the cost factor. When a plan has been purchased and paid in full there are very few expenses at the time. There will be cost for newspaper announcements and flowers if required. On occasions there may be a headstone required or a further inscription.

Why should we think about paying for our own funeral?

Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses and our pre-payment plan is a caring, sensible and cost effective way to do so.
The advantage of a pre-payment plan over a savings account or life insurance policy is that you can pay now, at today’s price, and beat inflation – no matter when the service might be required.

Our fees will be paid by Funeral Planning Trust at the time of the funeral.

Funeral pre-payment plans are provided by Funeral Planning Services Limited in association with Walter C Parson Ltd including Hugh Mills & Gaye, Pidgen & Son and Pengelly Funeral Service.
Funeral pre-payments are held in the Funeral Planning Trust with independent managing trustees.
Whilst we all hear that purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan protects against rising costs, we (WCP) show how costs have risen compared to the rising cost of disbursements (outside fees for cremation etc).


rising disbursement costs

It shows there has been a three fold (x3) increase in funeral directors fees and a four fold (x4) increase in typical cremation fees.
The solution would be a WCP plan, which are not the least or most expensive to buy, but they currently guarantee to cover the cremation fees in their entirety, and by purchasing a plan you guarantee tomorrow’s funeral at today’s price.
For more information on some of the plans available and prices please see our website and contact a branch in your area to see if there are offers available. You may also contact me directly on my contact details below.

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